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Are raccoons friendly or aggressive? What to do if a raccoon approaches you?

Are raccoons friendly or aggressive? What to do if a raccoon approaches you? Raccoons are commonly found in urban areas, and there are chances you may see them in your home. Although they do not attack people in normal circumstances, sometimes they may appear as aggressive and try to attack people.

When you confront a raccoon at first, they may stare at you just to see what will be your next move, till now they are scared of you. If you try to hit the raccoon-like through stone, then it may cause aggression in the raccoon. A raccoon can be bold and aggressive if he is living near to your home or in the neighborhood, they may be feeding the raccoon, or the raccoon may be getting food from the garbage that they have placed outside the home.

What can an aggressive raccoon do?

As we mentioned above, they usually live normal, but if they feel threatened, they may bluff just to make your scare, but it did not mean they can injure you. They take action just to protect them by scaring you.

What to do if a raccoon approaches you?

You can follow the following tricks if a raccoon is trying to approach you.

  • If the raccoon is getting closer, then stand up, show him you are bigger than then him, clap and shout at the raccoon. If it did not work, throw water or stones on the raccoon.
  • If you have seen a raccoon is getting aggressive, it did not always mean he is aggressive on it, and the raccoon can be sick or injured, instead of approaching the raccoon it’s better to call a professional wildlife person to rescue the raccoon.
  • Do not feed the raccoon. They can search for their own food; they can even find food in the winter, so feeding food to the raccoon or providing them access to the food will make them bolder. At the time when you limit their access to the food, they may show aggressive behavior and may approach you to show their anger. It is better to keep your home safe and clean, so they raccoon did not get any chance to enter into your home. Place your garbage in sealed trash; seal all the open and unwanted holes.
  • If you feel a raccoon is trying to approach you and you do not have anything to fight with the raccoon, then the simple and best solution is to run. The reason to run and stay away from the raccoon is some people who were attacked by the raccoons later diagnosed with rabies. So it is better to avoid the raccoon attack.
  • The best solution to avoid the raccoon is not to confront them. If you find them in your house, then you can use various methods to get rid of them as use of trap or odor. If you do not have anything, then simply call the professionals, they will remove the raccoons safely.

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