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Humane rat removal

Humane rat removal

Look at the rat, is it look cute? It could be, but what if they start contaminating food in your kitchen and let you at the risk of various rat related diseases? You may share the issue with the friend, and he may suggest you bring the poison to kill the rats, but what if this poison is consumed by a baby or pet? You may think some other method to kill the rat-like use of sticky traps, but don’t you think it will be the most inhumane way to kill a rat? They will walk through and stick in the sticky trap, and you may leave them for several hours, and wait when they are going to die, do not use this method.

There are many better ways to remove the rat humanely; some of them are given below:

Use of deterrents to make the rat-proof area

If the rat is limited to only a few areas like chewing pipe, wires, or living near the garbage, then you can simply use any effective deterrents to remove them. They do not like the smell of chili pepper, peppermint or black pepper, make the solution and add into a spray bottle, the sparkle in the affected area is enough to repel the rats. Repeat the method when required.

Get a rat predator

Do you really want to remove the bat? If there is more than one rat, then there is only one method to deal with them. Bring a cat; she is one of the biggest predators and enemies of the rat. There can be two situations: one is rat will leave the house immediately after sensing the smell of cat as a predator, second, the cat will start eating them and will help you to get rid of them as soon as possible because the rat is one of the favorite dishes for cats.

Use of trap

Another way to remove the rat is through the use of a live trap. It will only help to catch and close the rat into the given trap that works like a cage. Simply shift the trap to another place/away from home and release them in open habitat. It will be better to shift them to the place where they can find the food easily.

Some people prefer to use a bucket trap; it is better in some ways it the trap contains bait (peanut butter) that attracts the rat, and once they went on the trap to eat the peanut butter, they will fall down into the bucket. Anyhow, we recommend you do not add the water or sticky material into the bottom of the bucket as it is the inhumane way. Simple close the bucket and shift them to another place.

You can also hire wildlife professionals, they will help you in removing the rats safely, and it’s better to use some money for the rat removal; otherwise, they may destroy your home by eating pipes, wires, cloth and it may cost high as compare to hiring a professional. Once the rat is gone, seal all the holes properly.

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